Contractor Articles

How to Find the Right Contractor for your Budget and Project
Check out these crucial tips on how to choose the right contractor for your home, budget and project.
Getting Your House Ready for Spring
Read these great, quick, spring home fix up tips.
Contractors Still Owed Thousands for Marlins Park
Learn more about the contractor debacle with Marlins Park.
How to Avoid Contractor Scams After a Natural Disaster
Read these tips on how to avoid contractor scams after a natural disaster.
How to Fix a Leak Under the Sink
Learn how to fix a leak under the sink in 8 easy steps.
How to Lay A Brick Walkway
Learn how to build your ideal brick walkway on your own.
What Is an Independent Contractor (aka a 1099 Contractor), and How Does It Compare to Being an Employee?
Read here to find out what an independent contractor (or a 1099 contractor) is, along with benefits, limitations, examples, and comparisons to being an employee.
Basement Remodeling - Home Upgrade Ideas for Your Basement
Find local Basement Remodeling Contractors in your area specializing in home remodeling and basement remodeling ideas.
Do-it-Yourself Home Remodeling: Tips and Tools
Important tips to consider when undertaking DIY Home Remodeling and Home Improvement Projects
Home Additions - Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas
Find local Home Additions Contractors in your area specializing in home addition plans
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