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In Chicago, there is a major urban area, along with various rural and suburban areas, each with their own potential for home improvement projects.   While  there's no room for expansions or pools in the heart of Chicago, upgrading the existing buildings enhance the visual aspects and update the often outdated fixtures, such as flooring or doors.

A general contractor in Illinois can provide these upgrading services to homeowners as well as more difficult and involved projects.  While no one with an apartment in downtown Chicago will opt for a patio, a renovated kitchen or bathroom is a more solid investment in the city.

For a plumber or an electrician, a handyman will suffice in any area of Illinois.

Outside of Chicago or another large city, roofs, siding, and fencing projects are more common, as are expansions and additions to existing homes.  To add on to a house, required permits allow the homeowner to higher a contractor to add more rooms to their home.
Home Improvement Essentials
Before you selected a home improvement contractor or repair handyman, compare free estimates and online quotes to find the most affordable rates for any home improvement projects.
Illinois Housing Statistics
Total Housing4,885,615121,699,874
Total Urban4,267,01494,464,240
Total Rural618,60127,235,633
Owner Occupied3,088,88473,306,541
Renter Occupied1,502,89537,447,565
Vacant for Rent99,0192,745,385
Vacant for Sale46,8961,264,534


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