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Other Iowa Contractors
Coy Builders
1420 24th St
Ames, Iowa
Geisinger Construction Inc
201 Washington Ave
Ames, Iowa
Gibbs Plumbing & Heating
127 S Bell Ave
Ames, Iowa
1026 Florida Ave
Ames, Iowa
Wierson Siding & Replacement
4468 246th St
Ames, Iowa
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Ames Housing Stats
Total Housing20,2831,232,511121,699,874
Total Urban18,789757,03094,464,240
Total Rural1,494475,48127,235,633
Owner Occupied9,576831,41973,306,541
Renter Occupied9,957317,85737,447,565
Vacant for Rent35623,2722,745,385
Vacant for Sale12514,0671,264,534


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