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Home improvement projects in Louisiana vary greatly from area to area.  Outside of the New Orleans area, homes are still intact and the improvements are driven purely by desire.  After New Orleans homes sustained damage from Hurricane Katrina, improvement projects, along with a great deal of entirely new construction, were required to restore New Orleans to its former glory.

Outside of New Orleans, contractors commonly revamp existing homes with patios and decks or swimming pools.  While not necessary, these added improvements increase the value of the house and make the house more pleasant.

In New Orleans, general contractors were called in for dramatic renovation and complete reconstruction projects.  Rather than concentrating on improving the existing homes, the workers in New Orleans focused on repairing homes and rebuilding homes that were beyond repair. 

After years of extensive rebuilding, handymen still use their abilities to fix problems that may arise, but most of New Orleans has joined the rest of Louisiana in finding home improvement projects to enhance and raise the value of their home.
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Louisiana Housing Statistics
Total Housing1,847,181121,699,874
Total Urban1,331,97294,464,240
Total Rural515,20927,235,633
Owner Occupied1,125,13573,306,541
Renter Occupied530,91837,447,565
Vacant for Rent54,1852,745,385
Vacant for Sale18,0971,264,534


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