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Newark, New Jersey neighborhoods have undergone dramatic and drastic changes over the years. Newark is once again on the rise as a fashionable and multi-us address.

Home remodeling in Newark has become a booming business. Many homes have been gutted from the inside and massive remodeling and renovations are taking place. New flooring is being installed along with modernization of plumbing and electrical. There are new kitchens being installed with the latest designs for space and bathrooms are becoming a focus point for relaxation with whirlpool tubs in a spa like atmosphere.

Additions are being done to the outside as well. Garages are being added where only car ports once stood. Landscaping has taken hold with the environment in mind. Trees, shrubs, flowers and plants are being liberally placed over beautiful lawns. Even postage sized front yards are being well landscaped to give a home curb appeal.

New roofing is replacing old with a much better quality of long lasting shingles or tiles. New siding is being placed that looks like wood but is in fact, a synthetic made to be durable and longer lasting, not prone to the elements of a northern winter or summer. Doors and windows are matching the new style of the home undergoing renovation. Security systems that incorporate alarm systems are being installed.

What used to be an old dilapidated house is now a modern and cozy city home, thanks to the efforts and planning of a general contractor and his crew.

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Newark Housing Stats
NewarkNew JerseyUSA
Total Housing100,0823,310,275121,699,874
Total Urban100,0823,133,70194,464,240
Total Rural0176,57427,235,633
Owner Occupied21,7152,011,47373,306,541
Renter Occupied69,6111,053,17237,447,565
Vacant for Rent4,11149,8582,745,385
Vacant for Sale45124,5461,264,534


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