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Compared to many other areas of the country, the housing market in the state of Oregon is fairly stable. If you want to be sure that you are safeguarding the value of your home, you might consider hiring a handyman to perform some home remodeling. A small investment in your home’s appearance can go a long way.

While you can brave a project without outside help, one way to avoid a huge mess is to hire a general contractor in Oregon. There is no reason to get in over your head!

Start small with one project at a time. If you have more than one bathroom, a good place to start would be to remodel one of them. You should get a quote for your dream bathroom and see a range of bathroom designs before starting. Also, be sure that you’ve sufficiently researched the company who will take care of your home improvement needs. Doing your homework in advance will save headaches later!

If you’re not ready for a major project, one especially budget-friendly tactic for improving your market price is to improve the landscaping on your property. This can be achieved by hiring a gardener or landscape contractor in Oregon who can make simple upgrades to your garden areas. Also, maintaining proper lawn care is vital to achieving a polished look for your home.

Home Improvement Essentials
Before you selected a home improvement contractor or repair handyman, compare free estimates and online quotes to find the most affordable rates for any home improvement projects.
Oregon Housing Statistics
Total Housing1,452,709121,699,874
Total Urban1,131,57494,464,240
Total Rural321,13527,235,633
Owner Occupied856,95173,306,541
Renter Occupied476,77237,447,565
Vacant for Rent37,4822,745,385
Vacant for Sale20,3491,264,534


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