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Have you been flirting with the idea about do ityourself projects around the house for those little nuisance problems?  There are potentially so many dysfunctionsthat occur in the home that it’s hard to take care of them.  For example, you may need painters if thepaint around the outside of your home, like on the patios or decks, may be dullor chipping.  There are also things thatare somewhat out of your control like pest control issues.  Whichever problem arises, you might want toconsider hiring a Vermont general contractor for your various needs.

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Vermont home improvement can be found using ourwebsite.  All you’ll need to do is fillout a brief amount of information and you’ll be instantly connected to dozensof Vermont contractors we have listed on our website.  To find a Vermont handyman near you don’thesitate to get started on your search. If you would like more information about the your home please consultthe website for the Vermont Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Vermont Housing Statistics
Total Housing294,382121,699,874
Total Urban98,81994,464,240
Total Rural195,56327,235,633
Owner Occupied169,78473,306,541
Renter Occupied70,85037,447,565
Vacant for Rent3,0842,745,385
Vacant for Sale2,3931,264,534


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