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Richmond, Virginia is an old Southern city that has become a battlefield, a state capital, and one of the most beautiful American places in which to live.

Because of the many Southern style homes with porticos and columns, Richmond has a charm that draws people to it. There is a great deal of contemporary architecture in the city, too, allowing general contractors to create a wide range of designs for interiors and exteriors of homes, newly built or remodeled.

Plumbing in older homes is always a challenge. Leaks can come from anywhere; inside a wall, faucets, dishwashers or washing machines. Finding the leaks, repairing them or replacing pipes or appliances is what a good plumber does quickly to avoid further damage.

Home repairs can also include the exterior walks and patios. Tiles, flagstone, or bricks can get chipped or broken, or a homeowner might want to incorporate an entirely new look into the patio area. A professional can provide a visual of what it will look like along with the cost.

Building pools for summer use is an option that many homeowners take. Summers can be hot and sticky in Virginia. The design of a pool is just as important as the size of the pool. Styles are many, from the classic Roman design to the kidney shaped pool. Spas or hot tubs might be added to the design. Some pools are natural in design, looking more like ponds than concrete and man-made, surrounded by lush landscaping.

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Richmond Housing Stats
Total Housing220,8862,904,192121,699,874
Total Urban217,3742,074,59694,464,240
Total Rural3,512829,59627,235,633
Owner Occupied121,5901,837,93973,306,541
Renter Occupied86,448861,23437,447,565
Vacant for Rent5,47747,5632,745,385
Vacant for Sale1,88727,4071,264,534


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