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From lofts, ranches, and cottages, and much more, Wisconsin holds a wide variety of housing styles. While homeowners may be satisfied with the overall look and feel of their home, there are always rooms and areas that can be improved, most preferably with the help of a Wisconsin general contractor.

There are a number of jobs that a contractor in Wisconsin can tackle. With the state’s often chilly temperatures, it is important for every homeowner to ensure their ventilation system is running and up to date. A contractor can be hired to take care of such a concern by installing the necessary heating and air conditioning units.

Additionally, a Wisconsin handyman may have the skills to fix or update any electrician jobs. Improper wiring in a home can pose a serious danger and cause fires. A contracted electrician should be sought to repair wiring problems.

No matter what the desired home improvement in Wisconsin may be, a contractor can handle the job. It is important to suggest that, when searching for a contractor, it is best to ensure they have Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Certification. Fill out the online application to get an estimate or to get in contact with a handyman best suited for your home needs.

Home Improvement Essentials
Before you selected a home improvement contractor or repair handyman, compare free estimates and online quotes to find the most affordable rates for any home improvement projects.
Wisconsin Housing Statistics
Total Housing2,321,144121,699,874
Total Urban1,527,65694,464,240
Total Rural793,48827,235,633
Owner Occupied1,426,36173,306,541
Renter Occupied658,18337,447,565
Vacant for Rent38,7142,745,385
Vacant for Sale17,1721,264,534


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