Contractors Still Owed Thousands for Marlins Park

Javi Calderon

Contractors Still Owed Thousands for Marlins Park

As if the Miami Marlins organization doesn’t already look bad enough, after summer in which they dumped over $100 million in team salary only a year after opening the $634 million Marlins Park, multiple reports are beginning to surface out of the Miami-Dade area of contractors still being owed as much as $67,000 for work on the stadium that opened before the 2012 season.  

After a decade under the ownership of Jeffrey Laurie, and years of bitter feuding with local governments over a new stadium, an agreement was made that almost 20% of the stadium’s cost would be funded by the club, while Dade County would provide the bulk of nearly 60%. The government of the City of Miami would pitch in the rest.

Laurie barely waited half the summer before unloading all-star Hanley Ramirez. Then highly controversial manager Ozzie Guillen,  before finally shipping $100-million-dollar-man Jose Reyes and staff Ace Josh Johnson to the Blue Jays after the season.  Needless to say, fans are displeased with the organization. 

In September, over 40 contractors filed a civil lawsuit against local subcontractor for hours that were misrepresented on their paychecks during the Marlins project that took over $500 million in taxpayer money. An investigation by a county inspector discovered that many of these workers were being misclassified: as general laborers instead of by their skilled professions. In many cases this cost the worker as much as $10 an hour.

Many of the complaints accused the company of not paying overtime for the 6 month sprint the workers were forced to endure to have the park ready to open the 2012 season. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, certain labor professions are guaranteed time-and-a-half for overtime. Now, representatives at AGC recognize that they still owe $67,378 to 26 of these employees.  

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