Improve Your Home with Chain Link Fences

Barbara Kiteme

Installing a fence, whether to fence in your property and possessions or to fence out intrusions, can make a significant contribution to home improvement for many people. Fences usually serve one or more of three main functions: decorative, functional, or security. You need to decide at the beginning on the purpose of your fence, the material you prefer and the appearance you want it to give.

Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

One of the most popular types of fences is the chain link fence. It is usually selected for the privacy, protection, or value it can provide. This is an ideal type of security fencing. You may want to enclose your property to make it safe for your children and pets or you may want to provide some security for your swimming pool. Some areas have a law requiring homeowners to put a fence around their pool. This prevents wandering neighborhood children, pets and others from falling into the pool. The effect is to protect you, the homeowner, from possible charges of negligence.

If you have decided on a chain link fence for the privacy, protection and security it affords, you will be happy to know that it is low maintenance. It will stand up to all kinds of harsh weather. It has a service life of minimally ten years and as long as twenty five to thirty five years. And it costs much less than other types of fences.

Investigating Regulations

Before proceeding to select your fence, it is a good idea to investigate necessary conditions for the installation and, if necessary, contract a local fencing contractor who can answer all of your questions.

The first important precaution to take before installing your fence, as with making any improvement to your home, is to investigate what your local zoning code allows. Fences, in particular, come in for some strict requirements in many areas. They are not allowed at all in some neighborhoods. Sometimes fences must be limited to a particular height. They may be forbidden in a front yard. Determine if you will need a permit to install your fence.

In each of its functions, chain link fencing has the added advantage of defining your property boundary. But before you arrange for installation, you need to find out three types of information. First, make sure you have correctly located your property line. If you are not certain of this, then it is worthwhile to have a survey done of your property. This will prevent you from learning later that you have enclosed some of your neighbor’s property on your side of the fence.

Secondly, you also will want to determine the required setbacks for your property. Contact your local codes office for this information. Thirdly, contact your utility company and request that they come out and mark all underground utility locations. It is important that this be done before digging begins.

Once you have determined that a chain link fence is permitted on your property and the conditions can be met, then you probably will want to spend some time reviewing what is available.

Choosing Components for Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are available in a variety of sizes, colors and qualities of components. These elements include a choice of gauges and weights. Gauge is the diameter of the wire. The higher the gauge number the thicker and stronger is the mesh fabric. Decide whether sturdiness or attractiveness is most important to you in your chain link fencing. If the latter is your preference, then you may want a vinyl or polyester coating. Vinyl fence coatings also increase the life of the fence and reduce its sharp edges. In the case where you need your fence to withstand blows from animals and others, adding a zinc coating gives increased sturdiness.

You can increase the attractiveness of your chain link fence by selecting an eye-catching gate. Another way to improve the appearance of these fences is to locate plants, shrubbery and vines beside the fence. If you want more privacy, you can arrange for slats to be inserted in the spaces of the mesh fabric.

This is an ideal home improvement project that allows you to have increased use of your property and attract future buyers who also will have need for a fence.

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