5 Cheap Energy Saving Home Improvements

Javi Calderon

5 Cheap Energy Saving Home Improvements 

These day’s everyone is looking for a way to cut down on expenses. While we spend so much time nickel-and-diming at the grocery store and the gas pump, it's easy to overlook the easy changes that can be made around the house to save on energy bills. 

Home improvement projects don’t have to be expensive and glamorous to make a difference to the value of your home, and the value of your home isn’t always based on the resale price. In fact, with a few simple changes you can be saving hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. 

You might not be able to show these home improvements off to the neighbors, but with the money you’ll save, you might be able to splurge on something you can. Here are five easy ways to save on energy costs: 

Low-flow fixtures. Changing shower heads and sink fixtures to low-flow fixtures can reduce a home’s water usage by 50%, saving up to $145 per year on your water bill. 

Insulation. Insulating your basements and attics can go a long way towards keeping your heating and cooling costs down. Proper insulation can save up to 20% on energy costs. 

Fluorescent light bulbs.  According to Energy Star, energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs can last 10 times as long as regular bulbs. Though they are a bit more expensive up-front, they pay off in the long run. 

Weather stripping. Don’t listen to the hype about weather-resistant windows and doors. Experts say that regular windows and doors can hold up just fine, with a little weather stripping. Weather stripping can cost as little as $5 for 10 ft.  

Ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can cost less than $50 and are a great way to keep rooms cool and air conditioning costs down. 

By reducing your usage of water and energy, you’re not only reducing your monthly expenses, you are doing a great service to the environment as well. 

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