Creative Home Improvements: Upgrading Your Flooring

One common home improvement project consists of upgrading flooring in your kitchen and garage to create new environments in your home. Before upgrading the flooring, you need to consider the traffic area and how durable the flooring needs to be. The options may be overwhelming, but considering the different types will help make the decision easier.

Kitchen Flooring Upgrades

A simple home improvement upgrade you can do is upgrading your kitchen flooring. There are several factors you should consider when deciding on the flooring option, including its durability, use, ease of cleanup, and style. Keep in mind how much traffic the floor will receive and how often it needs to be cleaned.

Wooden flooring is an expensive option for your kitchen flooring. Although it can add warmth and a homey feel to your kitchen, it is not as durable as other flooring options. Wooden flooring is also high maintenance and requires occasional refinishing and resealing. You need to be careful to avoid moisture with these floors and use a sealer to protect them from water damage.

Rubber flooring is a durable flooring option for your kitchen because it is comfortable enough to stand on for many hours. The surface is non-slip and easy to clean after spills occur. Tile flooring will offer great durability while remaining at a reasonably affordable price. Opt for a textured surface since it will remain non-slip, but smooth tiles can be slippery when wet and run a risk of injuring children or other family members.

Linoleum flooring is environmentally friendly and provides an easy cleanup surface. They come in numerous design and color selections and are good for those with allergies or asthma. A bonus of linoleum flooring is that the color and pattern goes through the entire product, not just its surface. If the surface is scratched or gouged, the flooring will still look good.

Laminate flooring is durable, easy to clean, and a low-cost flooring option for your kitchen floor. Although considered old-fashioned, laminate flooring companies use modern technology to adhere images onto the material to provide you with the look of hardwood or marble flooring at a fraction of the price. Even though it is water and stain resistant, laminate floors have the risk of damage by liquids that are not wiped up quickly.

Installing laminate flooring can be done by the homeowner and does not require a professional to complete the job. There are three choices for installing laminate flooring.

  1. Tongue and groove laminate flooring is secured in place by locking the pieces together and sealing the pieces.
  2. Glued laminate flooring requires the application of special glue for accurate application.
  3. Pre-glued laminate flooring requires wiping the floor with a damp sponge as it uses water to trigger the adhesive.

Garage Flooring Upgrades

Another way to creatively upgrade your home is to change the garage flooring. Instead of simply painting over the floor, you can consider placing tile flooring or rubber flooring over the concrete base floor. Not only will a garage flooring upgrade make the area safe and clean, but it will protect the garage floor from future stains and spills. It will also make the area more attractive as the stained concrete floor will be covered up.

Tile flooring in the garage can provide you with a durable and easy to clean surface for you to work on. Unlike ceramic tile flooring in the kitchen, garage tiles are made of heavy plastic materials. Using the click and lock installation method, the tiles are easy to install and replace. They hold up well to the dirt, grease, oil, and substances that can drip onto them.

Rubber flooring can create a safe garage floor since they allow the occasional slip-and-fall without a major injury resulting. It is also durable and convenient when working with tools. If you accidentally drop a tool, it is less likely to break when hitting the rubber flooring. Rubber floors can be laid over an existing garage floor, so it is a quick way to cover up the stained garage floor without having to repaint the entire concrete floor.

Although there are numerous flooring options for you to consider when upgrading your kitchen flooring or garage flooring, it is important to weigh the uses of each room before selecting the floor. Keep in mind the main use of the room, the traffic, and how often you plan on cleaning the floor. Select flooring that meets your budget and lifestyle, and you will be pleased with your flooring for years to come.

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Date: 6/11/2012 7:45:48 AM wooden flooring has less cost when you want to renovate it.. unlike with the stone floors.

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