Getting Your House Ready for Spring

Javi Calderon

Getting Your House Ready for Spring

Right after winter is the perfect time to make sure your home made it through the cold in good condition. It's easy to keep putting off regular maintenance on things like gutters, window screens, and roof shingles, but as one season quickly rolls into the next, minor repairs quickly turn into major problems. 

Winter time puts a lot of strain on your house, especially if you live in an area of the country that gets heavy snow. Spring is the perfect time to make those pesky repairs: you’re tired of being cooped up inside for the last several months, and its better now while the weather is cool -- before it gets too hot, and then summer slips back into winter again.  

Pressure washing wooden decks and fences once a year is the best way to keep them healthy and long-lasting. A pressure washer is mold and mildews worst enemy; a quick pass once per spring will have your wood looking brand new year after year. 

Cleaning out gutters once or twice a year is critical to keeping your home safe. Improper drainage can cause problems to your foundation, and lead to leakage in your basement. Overburdened gutters can come crashing down, taking who-knows-what with them. 

Repairing roofing shingles as quickly as possible is the key to preventing small leaks from becoming costly repairs later on. Not only is there the obvious danger of a small hole turning into a bigger one, but leaks can turn into mold in the structure of your house; risking pricey contractor costs and health concerns. 

Inspecting your heating and cooling systems when you don’t need them is the easiest way to minimize inconvenience. Your water heater is a time bomb if not properly maintained; the flue pipe to your heater is liable to rust after a heavy storm season -- have a technician make sure your external a/c unit survived the winter. 

Pre-plan your lawn care if you want to save time and have a healthy-looking lawn that you can be proud of. Remember that there is beauty in simplicity. Unless you are willing and intending to pay for a lawn care service, feeding your lawn as-directed with one of the popular feed brands will guarantee a healthy lawn. From there, keep it simple: keep your design lawn open so it's easy to mow, plant something that doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. 

Follow these tips to keep your home looking great with limited hassle. 

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