Do-it-Yourself Home Cockroach Control

Javi Calderon
Do-it-Yourself Home Cockroach Control

There are over four thousand species of cockroaches known to man, but rest assured most of them will never find their way under your refrigerator. Those species that do find their way into the home are known as peridomestic cockroaches and they enter our homes, predictably, in search of food and shelter.

Though roaches can’t do any structural damage to your home, their presence is usually a sign of unsanitary or unhealthy living conditions. Cockroaches are naturally nocturnal, and they seek out damp, secluded and dark areas to inhabit. If you are seeing roaches regularly during day-light hours this is a sign of a serious infestation problem.

While roaches don’t live in colonies like ants or termites, they do tend to live in groups. Seeing roaches during the daytime means that the roach was literally pushed out of their nest due to overcrowding.

Fortunately, cockroaches are a fairly easy pest control problem to solve.

5 Steps to Effective Cockroach Control  

1.    Eliminate Food Sources. Make sure dishes are washed, food is properly stored away, and living areas are clean of crumbs and food waste. Food is what attracts roaches, if none is available then you won’t have a problem.

2.    Borate Powder. Apply some sort of borate powder to any dark, warm crevice in your home. Behind and under the refrigerator and stove, under cabinets, in cracks, etc. Borate is effective at eliminating pests while being harmless to humans.

3.    Residual Insecticide. Use some sort of residual insecticide to cover any openings around the perimeter of the inside of your home. Deltamethrin is a good option.

4.    Baits. For big infestations low-toxicity insecticides will only serve in spreading the roaches around your house. In this case turn to some sort of professional bait.

5.    Outdoors. If you live in a warm, damp climate like Florida you should also spray the perimeter of your home with insecticide.

If you either feel uncomfortable dealing with chemicals, feel safer having a professional do it, or have tried and still have an infestation, then hire a professional to help you get rid of roaches in your home. Though it may be more expensive than the do-it-yourself options, you can rest assured the job will be done right.

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