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In a home remodeling industry that rakes in over $300 billion annually, the average American consumer spends an average of $3,000 per project. From sprucing up their driveway and constructing a gazebo or swimming pool to creating an aesthetically-manicured Japanese garden and renovating a metallic outdoor staircase, individuals undertake home improvement to achieve one or a number of the following goals:

  • boost their property's value and its resale potential
  • increase the visual appeal of their living space
  • enhance the home's efficiency and functionality
  • maintain, modernize, and/or repair an outdated structure
  • improve the residential property's curb appeal
  • enhance the home's amenities and comforts
  • going green to save energy and lower utility costs
  • strengthen the home's security

Generally, the home renovation process involves making additions to the domicile or improvements to items such as garages, gardens, and lawns. It is a home's exterior that prospective purchasers see first and that tips the 'interest' scales one way or the other. Property owners may avail themselves of a garden variety of approaches to improve their home's exterior, including the following:

1. Fresh Coat Of Paint
The simple act of dabbing a new layer of paint not only beautifies but also substantially increases the value of a residence.

2. Landscaping
Homeowners may recreate their garden or lawn by implementing a new landscape design either on their own or with the assistance of a design contractor. The benefit of hiring a landscape contractor, particularly in complex projects, is that it is cost-effective and time-saving. To adorn their garden, individuals may add a wall water fountain.

3. Deck Building, Maintenance And Finishes
Individuals may accentuate their property's value and visual appeal as well as enhance its functionality by building a patio or deck. There are different types of decks ranging from vinyl and concrete to terraced and wooden. At local home improvement stores or online, consumers can find step-by-step deck kits containing a design plan, instructions on assembling the deck, and the materials needed to install it. For homeowners who already have decks, a protective finish may be applied to restore their deck's vitality and polish the color of its wood or other surface. Since decks need to be regularly maintained, individuals should clean them and effectuate repairs in order to preserve the shine and texture. Homeowners seeking to replace or build a railing around their deck may choose from materials ranging from wood, metal, and glass to canvas and steel cable, among others.

4. Maintenance Of Walkways And Driveways
Another way to enhance a residence's curb appeal is to maintain, pave, and renovate its walkways and driveway. By maintaining their driveway, homeowners can prevent cracks and erosions.

5. Safety And Security Measures
There exists a correlation between a home's security features and its value. Consumers may choose from a wide array of home security cameras. For instance, some are weather-resistant; others have infrared sensors. Homeowners can protect their properties by purchasing outdoor post lights and/or a home security surveillance system. A wireless camera is affordable and easy to install and utilize. For individuals wishing to spend less, a dummy or fake camera is a practical and efficacious alternative. To deter criminals, many homeowners opt for outdoor security lights which typically come in the form of motion detectors, High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, and halogen fixtures. Others choose to install security bars on their windows in order to (1) guarantee children's safety, (2) protect against snatch and grab robbers, and (3) ensure extra protection in high-risk neighborhoods. To safeguard against hurricanes, homeowners may install shutters and build storm cellars.

6. Building An Outdoor Stairway

7. Maintenance Of Gutters
Another vital aspect of home repair involves cleaning downspouts and gutters twice a year and determining whether any repairs are needed. By properly maintaining their home's gutters and downspouts, homeowners can avert damage to their property's interior as a result of leaks in the roof caused by water seepage or of flooding through the walls and foundation.

8. Siding Repair And Installation
By performing repairs on their property's siding, homeowners can enhance energy efficiency, decrease outside noise, and strengthen the structure. They may select from among a wide range of colors and materials such as aluminum, plywood, vinyl, stucco, and lumber.

9. Roof And Chimney Inspections And Maintenance
To prevent leaks and termites, homeowners should perform routine inspections of their roofs. Individuals should conduct a chimney sweep at least once a year in order to safeguard against carbon monoxide poisoning or fires. Other homeowners need to tear off their roof and replace it, while others need roof waterproofing.

10. Renewable Energy
To generate electricity and lower their utility bills, homeowners may install a wind-powered generator and/or a solar panel.

11. Installation Of A Shed
Outdoor storage spaces known as sheds enable individuals to store bulky items such as lawn tractors and lawn clippers. These exterior additions are generally available in wood, metal, and vinyl.

12. Upgrading Technology
You can improve your home simply by updating your appliances. Buying a new dishwasher, washer, dryer, or refrigerator can not only help you reduce energy costs (if you buy EnergyStar appliances), but you may find that they make your life easier. Also, installing satellite tv or high-speed internet can improve your quality of life and your overall happiness.

13. Retractable Screen Doors
Where a regular screen door cannot be installed due to limited space, homeowners can install a retractable screen door. With this innovation, a patio screen door is no longer necessary.
To finance home repairs, individuals may tap into the following sources: (1) second mortgage loans such as home equity lines of credit and home equity loans, (2) first mortgages, (3) personal or unsecured loans, (4) refinancing, and (5) grants.

Home Improvement Essentials
Before you selected a home improvement contractor or repair handyman, compare free estimates and online quotes to find the most affordable rates for any home improvement projects.

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