5 Simple Improvement Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

Home improvement projects can be a daunting task to undertake when wanting to increase the value of your home. Luckily, there are five simple ways to increase your home’s value that does not require much money or time. The main areas you need to focus on improving include your kitchen, bathrooms, yard, storage areas, and the general cleanliness of your home.

#1: Update Your Kitchen

One of the first things people generally look at when considering a new house is the kitchen. Updating your kitchen to improve your home’s value can be done in just a few simple home improvement projects.

You should first focus on upgrading your appliances. Make sure that your appliances work well and match. If you have mostly black appliances with the exception of one white piece, consider purchasing the remainder in black so they match. You may also want to consider energy-efficient appliances that use 10-50% less energy and water than ordinary appliances. These can be easily spotted in stores marked with an Energy Star label.

By repainting the walls in the kitchen, you will give the room a fresh feel. Make sure you wash the walls around the stove and sink to make sure that you are not painting over stuck on food or grease. An easy way to increase your home’s value is through simply replacing cabinets and cabinet knobs. Your local hardware store will have a large variety to select from to install. They are inexpensive and simple replacements to make your kitchen feel brand-new.

#2: Make Your Bathroom Modern

Another important area that will increase the value of your home is the bathroom. Basic home improvements can simply be replacing the towel racks and light fixtures to make them look modern. If you replace your faucet, make sure that the replacement is both modern and unique.

By re-grouting the tiles around the tub and shower, you will give your tiles a new life and give a fresh look to the shower. Another easy improvement project you can do is installing a new showerhead. With such a variety of showerheads—ranging from ones feeling like raindrops to customizable heads—you can easily find the best one for your budget and still increase your home’s value.

#3: Landscape Your Yard

Although landscaping your yard does involve a large amount of physical work, the end result of this home improvement project will be worth it when you notice the increased value of your home. Mature trees generally add an extra $1,000 each to your property’s value.

If you already have a landscaped yard, you should consider touching it up and making it look freshly planted and maintained. Besides keeping the grass mowed and weeds to a minimum, you need to prune your bushes and edge your planting beds. If there are areas in your yard where the grass is dying, replace the grass with new sod.

Extra touches to the yard include elements such as wooden swings, decks, and even fish ponds. Keep your wooden swing sanded and power-wash and re-stain your deck. This will help your backyard look new and maintained.

#4: Create Lots of Storage

A simple rainy-day home improvement project includes adding storage to your home. Many home improvement stores include bedroom closet organizers and hanging organizers for the pantry. Adding in these wire shelves, drawers, and rods to the bedroom closet increases the amount of space, as well as the home value.

Purchasing a door-hanging wire storage rack in the pantry will allow for the storage of foods such as cans, freeing up space in the pantry for boxed and bagged foods. If you have a garage, look for organizers built for the garage that will help organize tools and equipment.

#5: Make Your Home Appear New

Another simple and inexpensive series of home improvement projects includes making your home appear new. By repainting your home in a neutral color, you can give the interior a fresh appearance without spending much money. You may also consider getting a plumber to check for leaks and fix any that may appear or ask a contractor to quote you (preferably a free quote) on what they would fix so you have an idea on what needs work. With the convenience of carpet steamers in local grocery stores, you can also steam the carpets to give the illusion of being brand-new.

These home improvement projects can help increase your home’s value for when you prepare to sell your home later down the road. Remember that just a simple change can give the illusion of a fresh and new home.

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Date: 4/17/2011 9:37:10 AM
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