Affordable Home Repair Tips

When remodeling your home on a budget, cutting home repair costs can sometimes be a daunting task. With multiple purchases needed—ranging from paint to tools to appliances—the expenses can add up quickly. In order to make the wisest decisions and stay within your home remodeling budget, you need to think thrifty, think outside the box, and think creatively.

Think Thrifty

If you are running low on money or have a low budget to spend on home remodeling, there are inexpensive and even free options available for you. First, save money by saving energy! Next, visit garage sales or thrift stores find the item you are looking for priced at a large discount. You can find quirky accessories, faucets, and rugs at these locations at a lower price than at specialty stores.

You can also find tools you need without having to spend any money. Talk to family and neighbors to see if you can borrow a tool from them. If you are in need of a certain size screwdriver, a ladder, or a particular power tool that a friend has, ask for a loan. This will save you money; money that can be used for another home repair. One reminder: remember to give back the tool you borrow, or they might be hesitant to lend to you again.

Think Outside the Box

Another way to cut home repair costs is to think outside of the box. Instead of borrowing supplies from neighbors or purchasing from garage sales, consider other options. By finding an inexpensive solution to an expensive idea, you can have the same look for a lesser price. For example, if you want hardwood flooring in the kitchen, consider using wood panel flooring laminate instead of real wood. The look is the same at a fraction of the price.

If you are at an appliance store and see an appliance you want that is scratched, offer to purchase the product, but ask for a discount. Most stores will provide a discount averaging 10% off for a product that is slightly damaged. You can also look for discontinued or out-of-season items that are priced lower than in-season products.

Think Creatively

Hardware, fabric, and paint will become your best friend when completing affordable home improvement projects. Instead of purchasing new cabinets, you can either replace the hardware or refinish them to provide a different look. When replacing the knobs and handles on drawers and cabinets, be sure to measure the distance between the holes before purchasing the new hardware. If there is a difference in space, you may need to redrill the holes to provide for the new hardware. To refinish your cabinets, you simply need to strip off the old finish and stain them to provide a new and fresh look to your cabinets.

If your couches are looking old and tired, take advantage of the simplicity and inexpensiveness of fabric to provide a new slipcover or matching pillows to liven up your sofa. You can also purchase a shower curtain or towels to brighten up the bathroom.

Painting appliances or walls also allows you to complete affordable home repair projects. If you have scratched appliances, replace the panels or resurface the appliance instead of purchasing a newer model. You can also use various painting techniques when freshening up walls with a new coat of paint by utilizing sponge painting, fresco effect, or ragged effect.

By being innovative and coming up with creative solutions to aid your budget, you can make affordable home repairs. Do not pass up an appliance because it has a nick on it or want to replace your cabinets if they seem old. Remember that inexpensive fixes to these can provide you with fresh looking rooms without blowing your budget.

Home Improvement Essentials
Before you selected a home improvement contractor or repair handyman, compare free estimates and online quotes to find the most affordable rates for any home improvement projects.

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