Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Improving your home security does not have to be expensive or difficult. There are many ways that you can protect your home and family, ranging from trimming your shrubbery to installing a home security camera. As you decide how to protect your home, remember to focus on the following: how you enter your home, your landscape, how much attention your valuables attract, and what devices can protect your home.

Lock and Key

The first place burglars look for a way into your house is under your doormat. Many homeowners hide a key to the front door in a location near the door in case they forget their key. If you insist on a spare key being hidden outside, hide it far away from the door. You can also keep a spare key in your wallet or purse pocket in case you forget your key.

You should consider purchasing a double-cylinder deadbolt lock to improve your home security. If you have a window within 40 inches of your doorknob, a thief can break the glass and get inside. To prevent that, this deadbolt lock can only be unlocked by a key. If you use this lock, be sure to keep the key nearby while someone is home in case an emergency situation arises.

Protect Through Your Landscape

Shrubs and trees can be a thief’s best friends when looking for close access to your home. Shrubs near the windows or walkway can provide a place for him to hide that is near to your house. Trees can serve as a ladder into a second-floor window. To prevent burglars using your foliage against you, trim down your hedges at least six inches below the windows and your tree branches away from the windows.

You can also use your landscape to pull two roles: beautify your lawn and prevent burglars from entering your house through the windows. By planting trimmed bushes with thorns underneath your window, you will discourage burglars from hiding and sneaking in through the windows.

Do Not Attract Attention

The last thing you want is to attract attention to your valuables. Keep your expensive possessions, including your car, inside your garage or house. At night, use shades to prevent others from looking inside your house and seeing your valuables. By keeping your expensive possessions hidden from sight, you will not attract attention to them.

You also do not want to attract attention to who is and is not at home. If you are leaving for vacation, invest in a timer on lamps and your television so that they can be turned on and off and pre-programmed times. This will give the impression that you are home, even if you are out of town. You should also postpone mail and newspaper delivery until you come back, or ask a nearby family member to pick them up for you.

Home Security Devices

There are a variety of home security devices you can purchase to protect your home from unwanted invasions. Motion sensor lights will illuminate the yard, driveway, and/or front door when someone steps into it. You can also purchase window locks, peep holes, door chains, and new door locks for additional protection. These are affordable options if you do your own installation. If you have sliding glass doors, place a pipe or length of wood into the track to improve the strength and security of that entrance.

Purchasing a home security system can provide additional benefits to your home. Most companies will provide you with home security signs and stickers, indicating that you have a security system protecting your home. The signs can help deter thefts because they will not want to break into a home which is protected. If you do not have a home security system, you can usually find these visual warnings in your local hardware store.

The highest protection you can do to improve your home security is to invest in a home security camera. These cameras can be used both outdoors and indoors and be broadcasted directly to your computer’s monitor for your viewing. You can configure the cameras to start recording at the start of a triggered event, such as by motion sensor detection. This home security surveillance system informs burglars that you are serious about your security and that he will probably be captured on video.

Prevention and smarts are the keys to stopping thieves from entering your home. Take protective measures when you are heading out of town and remember that a home security system may save your family from a break-in.

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