Popular Types of Home Security Systems

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Home security systems mean peace of mind for many families. Homes that are located in crime-heavy neighborhoods or ones that contain significant amounts of valuables benefit the most from getting home security systems. There are several types of home security systems out there. Choosing the appropriate one can be a difficult task. Here are some of the main categories of home security systems available today:

  • Motion sensors
  • Photoelectric
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Electromagnetic
  • Infrared
  • Digital Security Systems
  • Acoustic sensors

A common and relatively low-cost type of security system is the motion sensor. These systems can be purchased at a local home improvement store and easily installed by the homeowner. A motion sensor generally consists of several strategically placed sensors and floodlights around the corners, windows, and doors of a home. When an intruder approaches the home, the motion sensors detect his movement and trigger the lights to illuminate the surrounding area. Many companies offer this system of sensors and lights in connection with an alert to the company to follow-up and contact police if necessary. The downside to basic motion sensory home security systems is that, while their motion sensitivity can be adjusted and controlled, they can be set off by things like small animals and large gusts of wind through surrounding trees.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems cover a wide range of security options which represent over 50% of all security systems purchased. Many consumers of newer homes opt for wireless home security. As their name suggests, wireless home security systems have no wiring, which eliminates difficult wiring installation and the chance of accidental cutting or nailing through the wiring system. They are also more mobile than their competition, making them more flexible and more convenient to a consumer’s security needs. Wireless systems are used in car alarms, door alarms, driveway alarms, and even security cameras. Wireless home security uses a variety of detection methods, including infrared, acoustic, or dual technology sensors. Many are used inside the home to mimic human behavior while the residents are away: for example, room lights which go on and off at random.

Home Security Cameras

A home security camera is a versatile component of any security system. It can monitor a babysitter, the doorway of or hallway in an apartment building or anywhere the owner sees fit. The “nanny cam” and closed circuit security system (CCTV) are common versions of indoor home security cameras. There are several types of security cameras, including ones with night vision, color, pan tilt and zoom, vandal-proof, digital, remote monitoring, and time lapse cameras. Some home security cameras can be as affordable as a toaster oven or as expensive as a dining room set.

Home security cameras can provide incontrovertible video evidence that can be used against intruders and offenders. Cameras are sometimes placed in conspicuous areas so as to deter criminals from breaking in. Crime prevention is always a preferable alternative to simply recording a crime.

Home security cameras can be set for continual recording or can be triggered by motion. The latter is preferred since it saves data storage space and power. These cameras are often installed by professional home security contractors; however, the wireless versions can easily be installed and relocated by the consumer.

Whatever type of home security system a property owner chooses to use, he or she should be sure to first assess the specific need and then research the available products thoroughly. Purchasing a home security system can be one of the biggest decisions a person can make, and it can be as important as one’s most valuable possession.

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