Keeping Trim with a Lawn Maintenance Company

Jen Jones

Lawn care maintenance can often be a time-consuming process, with cutting the lawn, edging the sidewalks, and bagging up the clippings. Many people opt to hire lawn care companies to take care of their lawns. These companies will take care of your lawn in the event that you are short on time or physically unable to handle lawn maintenance yourself. It is important to choose a strong lawn care company which has good ratings and to choose a company which provides the lawn care services you desire and your yard requires.

Choosing a Lawn Care Company

There are two options for a lawn care company: the teenage boy next door mowing yards to afford a prom ticket or the professional lawn company providing a vast array of services. If money is tight and your budget cannot allot for the expenses of a professional company, hiring your neighbor’s son may be the best option for the time being. However, if you can afford it, a professional lawn care company will be the best option to take care of your yard.

Selecting a lawn care company is similar to selecting a real estate agent, painter, or plumber. The first thing you should look for is if the company offers the lawn care services you require. These services can change from company to company, so it is important that the one you hire will complete all the tasks your yard needs. You should also have a written service agreement of fees, dates, and services to be completed.

Qualifications are also very important when choosing a lawn care company. Call your local Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company. Find out if the company is licensed and insured, or a member of a trade associations. Membership in a trade association proves the dedication the company has towards the upkeep of lawns and shows that they are kept informed of the latest lawn care technologies. A benefit to lawn care services is if they are properly insured; this will insure them against damage and injury while taking care of your property.

In addition to finding out the background of the lawn care company and obtaining a written copy of the service agreement, you will need to ask questions specific to the care of your lawn. If you will be requiring pesticide, you should find out from the lawn care company if the pesticides are safe for family pets to be around and how the pesticides are disposed. If you require pruning of the hedges underneath the window, you will need to find out how often the pruning will be done.

Lawn Care Services Provided

Most lawn care companies and contractors will offer a typical basic lawn care package and optional services for you to purchase. Basic lawn care packages include lawn care, fertilizing, trimming, edging, and weed control. Some companies will mow your lawn in a varied pattern to draw attention to a selected spot.

Additional services you can purchase include testing the soil, providing aeration, disease control, and placing new sod in portions of the lawn. They can apply fertilizer and maintain the new portion of your yard. Soil testing will tell your lawn care company what nutrients your soil requires. Aeration will improve drainage and create a lawn which is healthy and lush.

Diseases and insects both above and below the ground can cause damage to your lawn, and a lawn care company will be able to provide services to treat the lawn with insecticides. Although you may have to place the sod yourself, be sure to mention the new sod to your lawn care company.

Your lawn is an important part of your home’s value, so it is important to invest in the maintenance of your lawn. With a reliable lawn care company providing lawn care services to keep your lawn trim and healthy, you will be able to have a lush lawn. This investment of a lawn care or landscaping company will pay itself off with providing you a beautiful yard created by professionals, saving you the time and hard work proper upkeep takes.

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