Orlando, Florida Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Javi Calderon
Landscaping Tips and Ideas for Orlando, Florida

There is a reason why Florida is called “the Sunshine State.” As Florida residents we enjoy year around warmth and sunshine. However, we are not the only ones who enjoy the warm weather; your lawn and garden does to! The abundance of rain and sunlight gives you everything you need to create a beautiful lawn to rival the professionally manicured garden landscapes of Orlando’s many theme parks. Here are some landscaping ideas to turn your home into the talk of the neighborhood:

Landscape Ideas

The most important aspect to maintaining a healthy and lush lawn is proper watering. Experts suggest watering your lawn heavily, but infrequently, in the early morning hours just before sunrise. This allows the water to permeate deep into the soil. With the extreme Florida heat, watering during the day will not allow the water to penetrate the soil; the water will evaporate off the lawn quickly, and could cause permanent burning to your grass and plants. If you water late at night, the water will not evaporate quickly enough, and could cause rotting underneath your lawn or landscape.
To optimize the growth and health of your landscape, prune plants just after they flower, before new buds appear. For the lawn, make sure to mow your grass to the optimal height for the specific species. This will prevent weed and fungal growth. In order to create a successful lawn and landscape it is important to remember, don’t fight nature! Choose plants that do well in the Florida climate, and that grow well in the areas that you want to plant them. Some plants prefer more sun; some prefer to live in the shade. Some plants like to stay cool, while others prefer the heat – keep this in mind as you plan your plantings. Choosing the right plants to begin with will save you a lot of time, money and effort.
Finally, when starting a new lawn or garden, always add at least four inches of new soil and compost to keep your new plans happy and healthy. Make sure to vary the types of plants you have in your gardening landscape. Make sure to plant trees, shrubs and flowering plans of all varieties: evergreen, deciduous, annuals, semiannual, etc. Variety will keep your soil fresh and nutrient rich.

Florida Friendly Flora

The extreme heat and humidity in Florida can be harsh for many types of plants. One of the most important parts of creating a successful landscape is choosing plants that do well in our harsh weather. Trees like Crape Myrtle, Poinciana, Magnolia and Palms will give your lawn that Florida look. Azaleas, Cyads, Poincianas and Gardenias are Florida- friendly shrubs. Perennials plants to consider are Orchids and Heliconias, and pansies, geraniums and almost any type of annuals will do well under the Florida sun. If you are looking for professional help with Orlando landscaping, and Florida landscaping check out Rightcontractors.com.

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