Types of Patios and Decks

A romantic evening under the stars, a game of cards with a group of friends, or a quiet haven to read the paper and decompress, for millions of Americans, a patio enclosure spells peaceful sanctuary and an expanded leisure space within the confines of their home. Typically encircling a sunroom or patio room, a patio enclosure is an affordable real estate addition that boosts property value and improves quality of life. By complementing their sun room addition with a patio enclosure, homeowners will get the best of both worlds- the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and sunshine while reaping the benefits of an indoor environment. Sunrooms and patio enclosures not only widen the living area but also have a price tag that is less than half that of a conventional backyard addition. A patio enclosure is not subjected to the restrictions typically imposed on standard room additions by zoning ordinances or building codes.

Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures serve multi-purpose functions and offer an ideal setting for the following:

  • Tea time, birthday or garden party
  • Painting and an arts and crafts studio
  • Pleasant dining room
  • Recreational space (i.e. for children to utilize as a play area)
  • Exercise room/gym
  • Home office
  • Gathering place for teenagers

A patio enclosure offers shade and protection against snakes, pests, and bugs, thus sparing homeowners the need to apply insect repellent or be vigilant about creatures in the wild. However, homeowners are exposed slightly more to temperature with a patio enclosure than with a solarium or sunroom. The most common types of patio enclosures are as follows: 1) screen, 2) porch decking, 3) sun room, 4) aluminum, and 5) glass. Consumers should make their selection based on their intended use of the patio room. For instance, homeowners who would like to suspend large plants from the enclosure's beams should make sure to choose the right material. A more solid and resistant roof for a sun or patio room would be required for amenities such as a porch swing or a ceiling fan. Consumers shopping for a patio enclosure will find a wide array of styles and sizes at their disposal.

Patio Rooms vs. Sunrooms

Two of the most popular patio enclosures are the all-weather glass patio room enclosure and the screen enclosure for the patio or sun room. A glass enclosure, particularly when coupled with an insulated roof, makes it possible for homeowners to maintain temperatures at a comfortable and desired level. For shade and optimal protection from the elements and insects, screened patio enclosures are extremely effective and much solicited. Screened enclosures usually last at least three summers. A glass-constructed sun room may boast either a seasonal screen enclosure for use during pleasant weather or a year-round enclosure. In general, patio enclosures are made of sturdy, durable material and do not tear easily. Consumers should ensure that the patio enclosure they select is capable of weathering their area's typical climactic conditions. For example, individuals residing in a tornado or hurricane-prone region should consider inserting the patio or sun room beams into the foundation to protect the structure from being toppled over.

Setting up a patio enclosure is not a complicated task. Numerous vendors offer do-it-yourself kits for sunrooms, patio enclosures, and patio rooms. Some homeowners, however, prefer to rely on the expertise and skills of an enclosure contractor for the installation of a patio enclosure. Those who need assistance in selecting a size and style for their future enclosure should consult a licensed and experienced contractor. Enclosure contractors tend to be familiar with the appropriate types of patio enclosures for a particular area's climate. They are also knowledgeable and trained in equipping the new patio enclosure with water, air conditioning, and electricity. Homeowners contemplating the installation of a patio enclosure should obtain a building permit. A contractor will see to it that the new structure and roof extension comply with the building code of his or her client's county. To get a ballpark figure for the cost of purchasing and installing a patio enclosure, consumers may obtain a multitude of free, online quotes.

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