Redecorating Your Pool Cage

Doug Donovan
How to Redecorate Your Pool Cage

A pool cage is a screened-in enclosure around a pool, popular in sunny spots such as Orlando, Florida.  While a pool cage may seem like one of the last things you’d consider customizing, there are plenty of ideas available to go beyond the ordinary. Not only will your enclosure stand out from the pack, but it’ll also give your home an overall new sense of personality.

Something as simple as adding some plants or foliage can really define the space within a pool cage. Gather some large plants and place them around your pool space, perhaps in the corners to help the room feel less empty. In addition to managing space, plants help bring some color and atmosphere into a typically ordinary environment. Furniture can also assist in managing space, meanwhile making your pool enclosure seem more inviting. With so many varieties of furniture to choose from, your options are pretty much endless. Whether it’s metal, wood, or cushioned furniture, you can create the ideal space to dine or relax. The choice is yours.

It’s also on you to decide whether you want to use your screen enclosure as a place for business or pleasure. While it may seem a bit unorthodox, it isn’t uncommon to turn enclosure space into office space. Setting up a wireless network and having a safe, splash-free area to keep your desk and laptop allows for an easy-going office environment. Then again, you may be of the complete opposite school of thought and feel that your enclosure should be a space to relax. Think about installing a hammock and some tropical foliage to really tie it all together.

Redecorating pool enclosures can be a potentially fun and easy process. Be creative, as screen enclosures can benefit greatly from some space management. Redecorate as much or as little as you want, as long as it suits your needs. Do it yourself or hire the right contractor to help you out!

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