How to Replace Your Sink Faucet

Javi Calderon
How to Replace Your Sink Faucet

Whether your old sink faucet is rusty and past its prime or you’re simply doing basic kitchen remodeling, replacing your old sink faucet yourself, instead of hiring a plumber, can help you keep some extra cash in your pocket.

To make the job easy for yourself you should find a new kitchen faucet that matches the same hole configuration as your old one. You will have to turn off the water valves either way, so you may want to do this first so you can remove the old faucet and take it with you to shop for the new one. This way you can make sure the new one will fit.

The valves are usually under the sink; make sure the water is off before removing your faucet.

What you will need:
•    New faucet
•    2 adjustable wrenches
•    Basin wrench
•    WD40
•    Plumber’s tape
•    Old rags
•    Cleaning supplies

1.    The water valves should be under the sink. You will first need to remove everything from underneath the sink. Then, using your wrench turn off the water valves and tighten firmly.

2.    Try turning on the water to make sure it’s off.

3.    Unscrew the hot and cold water supply lines from the sink. If the tubes look worn and in bad shape you may want to consider replacing them.

4.    Using your basin wrench unscrew the faucet head from the sink and remove it.

5.    Before you begin installing your new facet clean the area and all pipes. Clean off all the old putty and grime left behind from the old faucet.

6.      Faucets come in a variety of styles so not every one is installed in the same way. The box of your new faucet will have instillation instructions.

7.    You will have to set the mounting gasket in place and make sure that it is level on the sink.

8.    How to fasten the faucet on the underside of your sink will vary, so refer to the instructions.

9.    As you install your new kitchen faucet spray every connection with WD40 to ensure that the connections stay limber and manageable.

10.    After you have fastened the washers and nuts on tightly using your wrench reconnect the water supply lines. Then, open the valves!

After the water is running smoothly clean up the mess and your done! You’re brand new kitchen faucet is installed without the hassle and expense of hiring a plumber.

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