Simple Solutions for Humane Rodent Removal

Javi Calderon
Simple Solutions for Humane Rodent Removal

Rodent and pest control is an annoying burden for every homeowner. Keeping the outdoors out, however, is a doomed war on entropy, as motivated outdoor critters eventually find their way in.

There are many, many kinds of snap traps and poisons on the market designed to forcefully remove these unwanted houseguests – permanently. However, for the feint of heart, weak of stomach, or abundant of sympathy, there are non-lethal forms of rodent removal, as well.

This homemade house trap is as simple as simple gets.

1.    Take a three-gallon bucket and set it down in the location where you’ve seen the mice or rat(s) the most.

2.    Drop a spoonful of peanut butter into the bottom of the bucket.

3.    Take a piece of plywood and lean it up against the side of the bucket so that it serves as a ramp for the mouse. The mouse will smell the peanut butter, ascend the ramp and drop into the bucket after his treat, with no way out.

Make sure the piece of plywood is long enough to provide a slope that the mouse can easily get up.

Once you have trapped the rat or mouse, release him to the wild somewhere far from your house.

Part of eliminating the rodent problem in the house requires a shift of habit from the homeowner. Rodents come in searching for food and a safe place to live. By keeping food off the counters and in the refrigerator, and eliminating food wastes you remove the main motivating factor for them to enter your home.

To keep rodents out, go around the perimeter of your home and make sure there are no openings in your foundation for them to get through.

Inside your home, find the openings that allow access lines in from the outside, i.e. power lines, waterlines, etc. (especially in cabinets and under sinks) and plug the hole in the wall that they come through with steel wool.

An interesting product to consider is a predator-infused sent. These actually mimic or use the smells of predators as a spray to scare away rodents. Another trick is to use peppermint oil. Pour peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them in high traffic areas throughout your home. Mice and rodents are deterred by the strong smell of peppermint.

Though mice might seem cute and cuddly, rodent control is very important because rats and mice carry many diseases.  If your problem persists, you may have to put your humanitarian efforts aside and allow a professional pest control contractor to take more aggressive measures.

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