Stay Busy with Winter Home Improvement Projects

Javi Calderon

Stay Busy with Winter Home Improvement Projects 

While you’re cooped up in the house all winter long, you might as well make the best of it, get something done, and make the place a bit more livable. Sure, the cold makes it hard to go outside and get about, but it provides for the perfect opportunity to really focus on the inside of your home. Here are some great home improvement ideas to get you through the sleepy winter months.

5 Great Winter Home Improvement Projects

  1. Tune-up your heating system. So, it’s cold outside, you’re paying a lot of money to keep the house warm, and it’s still not doing the trick – a perfect project for winter: upgrading your heating system. If you can’t spring for major upgrades, get an energy audit to see where your house can improve its energy efficiency. Install a programmable thermostat to help you keep track of the temperature. 
  2. Insulating blinds. Again, if you’re not in the financial position to bankroll major improvements, or perhaps you are merely renting your current home, you can sometimes double or triple your windows’ efficiency simply by installing insulating blinds.
  3. Insulate the water heater. While you’re insulating things, you might as well tackle your water heater, too. Hardware stores generally sell kits that can help you insulate your water heater yourself, like this water heater jacket. This will help keep your water warm longer during the winter months, and will also help keep the water warm while it’s not in use. 
  4. Get organized. You’re stuck in the house anyway, it’s a perfect time to go through your stuff and get rid of all that old junk you don’t need! Start the process by going room-by-room, clearing out old junk. Then go back through and organize the prized, lucky possessions that you chose to keep. There are all kinds of plastic ware available at Target, Walmart or other stores that can help you organize your home.
  5. Paint something! Perhaps the easiest and most effective cure for that spell of winter monotony is to paint a room or hallway in your home. The infusion of new color will brighten up the place, it will make the place feel brand new, and it will give you something to do in the meantime. There has to be a corner or room in the house that is in desperate need of an upgrade. Bring it back to life!

Make the most of your winter, do your cleanup and upgrades now, and you’ll hit the fun and sun of spring running. While everyone else is stuck inside cleaning up for summer, you’ll be out enjoying the sun!  

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