Affordable and Modern Above Ground Swimming Pools

Yara Zakharia
One of the amenities that a couple dreams of having in their new home is a swimming pool. After all, there are multiple and varied benefits associated with in-ground and above ground swimming pools. They include 1) relaxation, 2) recreation, 3) daily workouts and athletic fitness, 4) physical therapy, 5) escape from the heat, 6) summertime enjoyment, as well as 7) entertainment and social gatherings. From lounging on an inflatable floater, performing underwater somersaults, and swimming laps to teaching kids how to swim, treating sore muscles, and hosting a July 4th barbecue on the deck, swimming pools offer us the opportunity to unwind, improve our health, spend quality time with loved ones, enjoy the outdoors, and soak in a little peace and solitude. Once deemed a luxury, today's swimming pools are within the financial reach of a higher percentage of Americans than ever before. What’s more, they constitute one of the most rewarding investments that individuals can make for their families and homes.

What Are Above-Ground Pools?

When it comes to purchasing a swimming pool, prospective homeowners or current residents may choose between an in ground swimming pool or the increasingly popular option that is above-ground. Also referred to as portable swimming pools, above ground swimming pools are pre-packaged and pre-fabricated pools that are laid above the ground on the owner's residence. Purchasers may choose the length, depth, and width of their above ground pools. A wide variety of shapes and sizes are available to accommodate consumers' budgets and/or spatial constraints.

Choosing an Above Ground Pool

When shopping for a portable swimming pool, consumers should select one with a quality pump and filter (preferably cartridge) and one that is harmonious with their backyard and landscape. Good filters enable homeowners to have clean and healthy pool water. Compared to sand filters, cartridge filters capture a greater number of particles. Above ground swimming pools are usually constructed out of vinyl (PVC), metal, plastic, or wood. Plastic pools are known as "splasher pools", and they offer durability. Wooden pools have the advantage of blending well into the surroundings, whereas metal pools offer longevity as well as considerable flexibility and are the easiest to install. Consumers may customize their portable pool with accessories such as 1) underwater lighting, 2) built-in decks, 3) liners, 4) heaters, 5) walkways, 6) pool ladders (for safety), 7) aluminum safety fences, and 8) automatic cleaners. Liners are the material that prevents the growth of algae, mildew and fungus. Homeowners may choose to add a pool heater either during or after installation. Another popular add-on is an automatic cleaner which vacuums the bottom of the pool, clearing it of algae and dirt and circulating the water by transporting it to the filter. When purchasing an above ground swimming pool, consumers should look for one with a minimum 20-year warranty.

Procedural Steps Prior to Installation

Since portable swimming pools are not classified as permanent structures, purchasers are not required to obtain a planning or building permit. They should, however, inquire from their local building department about the location of septic systems, power lines, and easements. Local home contractors and homeowners should also ensure that they are in compliance with the city's zoning codes relating to above ground swimming pools. Additionally, individuals belonging to a neighborhood association should consult with the latter concerning guidelines for installation of a portable swimming pool.

Installation of Above Ground Swimming Pools

While a professional installation is generally recommended, consumers may easily install a portable swimming pool and save money in the process. This type of pool involves minimal disturbance to the homeowner's backyard and occupies much less ground than in-ground pools. The average installation is completed in a matter of hours, and pool kits usually include an installation video or manual with step-by-step instructions covering such items as site preparation and finishing touches. Read more safety guidelines for aboveground swimming pools here.

Portable Pool Kits and Packages

Consumers may purchase an above ground pool package, which typically includes the following items:

  • heater (solar, propane, electric, or gas)
  • solar and winter covers
  • automatic cleaner
  • pool chemical kit
  • pool ladder
  • filters and pumps
  • pool liner
  • chlorine generators
  • pool wall and frame
  • installation video or manual
Advantages of Portable Pools
Above ground swimming pools boast numerous benefits including the following:

  1. Economical home improvement project and greater cost-efficiency than in-ground pools
  2. Ease of installation
  3. Portability (pool can be uninstalled and transported to another residence)
  4. Increased property value
  5. More safety than in-ground pools
  6. Less upkeep than in-ground pools (debris and animals have a greater difficulty in accessing the water)
  7. Low maintenance filtration system 
  8. Low-cost maintenance of chlorine and saltwater pools via generators
  9. Longevity (at least 15-20 years with periodic maintenance)
Portable pools are safer for kids due to the fact that they have to climb a ladder in order to access the water.

Cost of Portable Swimming Pools

Consumers may purchase cheap above ground pools for an average of $4000 to $5000 or one-third the price of in-ground pools. Generally, above ground swimming pools range in price from $1,500 to more than $5000 depending on pool size and the accessories chosen. Homeowners may request a free consultation and backyard evaluation at no obligation and avail themselves of the various financing options offered by many above ground swimming pool suppliers.

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