5 Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

Javi Calderon
5 Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

Having a lush, green lawn immediately augments the look of your home and will even increase the value of your home; making it the envy of all self-proclaimed home improvement experts on the block. Without much effort, or knowledge, these simple lawn care tips will have all your neighbors knocking on your door asking for advice.

1. Eliminating Weeds! Weeds simply make a lawn look uncared for and unkempt. There are two keys to keeping your lawn weed-free. The first and most simple tactic is prevention. Buy a pre-emergent herbicide and implement it as your grass is coming in in early spring.  

For the pesky flowering weeds apply a granular weed controller.

2. Mowing.  Keeping your grass high will both help prevent weeds and result in a healthier lawn. Though mowing short may seem like it will buy you some time, experts say that you should set your mower as high as it allows, and suggest never cutting off more than 1/3rd the height.

Keeping a sharp mower blade will help keep your lawn looking fresh and lush. For a regular sized lawn, sharpen your mower blades once a year.

3. Watering.
Against popular belief, watering at night can cause the lawn to rot or incur disease. To prevent this, its best to water early in the morning so the sun can help dry your lawn throughout the day. Water your lawn less often, for longer periods of time. So the water really sinks in and permeates the soil.

4. Nitrogen.
The best nutrient for lawns in nitrogen. Find a combination of slow and fast-release fertilizers that will bring your lawn to life quickly and then keep it green throughout the year.

5. Make sure not to spread pesticides or herbicides while you are spreading fertilizer or seed on your lawn, as this will not allow the seeds to grow. If your lawn is still looking a bit thin, seed again to thicken areas that are sparse.

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