Why Rake the Leaves?

Javi Calderon

Why Rake the Leaves? 

Every week, every month, every season there is a list of chores that needs to be done. Chores are endless, like taxes and funerals. For many people, busy and lazy alike, it's natural to try to cut corners or skip distasteful chores altogether. 

Some of the more frustrating hated and ultimately avoided chores are leaf-related: raking and gutter maintenance. Especially in the fall, the never ending deluge of leaves can be overwhelming, and it can be very tempting to simply say, “to heck with it” and let the leaves fall as they may. After all, for most people around the country, the lawn will soon be covered in snow for the next couple months anyway – why even bother raking the leaves? 

Actually, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, raking the leaves is critical for the health of your lawn. As we all learned in science class, plants get the majority of their nutrients from sunlight; smothered under a blanket of leaves, other key nutrients like water and compost also fail to make it down into the soil to feed your lawn. Without the three key elements your grass needs to survive, you might be looking at a big, barren patch of dirt long into summer if you allow a thick blanket of leaves to collect on your lawn over the winter months. Furthermore, the damp, trapped lawn can actually rot and become a breeding ground for fungi and insects. As much as you want to be inside on the weekend watching football, raking the leaves off your lawn is actually necessary. 

A leaf blower can greatly reduce your time on the job, but will not handle the entire project. Blow leaves into a pile and scoop them into trash bags, or if you’re the eco-friendly type, you can use it for mulch for your spring lawn home improvement projects. Simply mowing over the leaves can do the trick, if you haven’t waited too long and they’ve already covered the lawn. So get out there and rake those leaves before the real cold sets in! Check back in for more great lawn care tips. 

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