How to Wire a New Light Switch

Javi Calderon
How to Wire a New Light Switch

Installing a new light switch for an under-lit room or ceiling fan is much easier than you may think. Many contractors decide to leave ceiling fans or central lights out of small rooms for the home owner’s disgression. Installing a light switch will add versatility and electricity to your room. Following are instructions on how to install a new light switch in 10 steps.

Necessary Tools

    * Flathead screwdriver
    * Phillips screwdriver
    * Wire strippers
    * Pliers
    * New light switch

10 Steps to Installing a New Light Switch

1. On your circuit board, turn off the proper circuit breaker to the area you’re working on. Test to make sure the power is off by plugging a lamp into the nearest outlet. Sometimes house circuits aren’t arranged by room so try one on either side of the area you are working on to be certain.

2. Unscrew the cover plate. You will probably need a flathead screwdriver. Even though the light switch you bought probably came with the necessary screws, save the screws from the plate just in case.

3. Whether you are removing a socket or just a cover plate, remove the plate and identify the wires. There should be two black wires, two white wires and two green (or bare copper) wires.

4. If you are removing a socket, disconnect the wires by loosening the screws. It is not necessary to remove the screws.

5. Strip the ends of each wire using wire strippers. Put the bare ends of the white wire together and cover it with a nut and twist until the nut is secured.

6. Take your new light switch and loosen the screw terminals on either side. Make sure the switch is turned to off before you touch the wires to the screws.

One at a time, take the end of each of the black wires and bend them into a “U” shape using your pliers. On one side of your light switch you will find two screw terminals, wrap one black wire around each screw and tighten the screw until it is firm. Be sure that each screw terminal has only one wire attached to it.

If there is one screw on the other side of the switch, tie the two ends of the green or bare wires together and wrap them around this screw. Tighten the terminal screw until it is secure.

9. Push the wires into the wall and secure the light switch in place by screwing it into the wall. Screw the cover plate into the wall as well.

10. Go back to the circuit board and turn the circuit back on to make sure your project has been completed successfully.

Installing a new light switch is relatively simple and straight forward, for more complex electrical work you should certainly higher a contractor or electrician

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